Licensed venues 


Onyx is at the forefront of delivering a new image and improved service within the area of venue security. With a greater emphasis on vigilance, communication and presentation, our professional personnel have the ability to negotiate with members of the public across a wide variety of situations. By ensuring that our staff carries out due diligence and maintaining a duty of care for your patrons, we gain an understanding of the environment in which we would be operating in and can implement the appropriate security solution that would be most effective for your venue.


Corporate Security 



Understanding the unique security requirements of the commercial and high rise environment gives Onyx Group the distinct edge over our competition. From the Concierge to the Control Room, we know the importance of having a totally integrated security team to provide protection to your asset and the people within it.


As the security Concierge are more often than not the first point of reference to your clients, staff and customers, Onyx Group recruits customer service specialists for this vital role. We also recognise the importance that customer service plays in all on site roles. From our Rovers to Dock Security, Car Park Security and Control Room staff, all our personnel are multi-skilled to not only be able to deliver exceptional customer service, but to take control of any situation that may arise.

Events And Sporting Security 

Sporting and special events can often place pressure on the event managers in regards to the regulatory and statutory requirements that govern the licensing of public gatherings. Onyx has had experience in supplying services to a range of events. We can provide a myriad of services that include: entry and exit controls, restricted area access control, equipment protection, and (if alcohol is available onsite) responsible service of alcohol monitoring. 

Retail Security 

At Onyx, we understand the importance of shopping centres and the impact role security plays in ensuring the safety of the millions of people that visit them each year. With the growth of the population and the constant need to expand the retail environment, ensuring a safe shopping experience has never been more vital.


Our professional security personnel are not only trained in risk management and first aid procedures, but in customer service which can ultimately enhance the shoppers’ satisfaction whilst visiting the centre. Onyx Group Aust can provide a total solutions package including security officers, CCTV, alarms, access control and monitoring giving you complete peace of mind and the knowledge that your asset is in good hands. 

Executive Protection 


  • Discrete Bogyguard Service 

  • BDU Bodyguard Service 

  • Residential Protection Details 

  • Corprate Protection Details




Security Consulting



  • Physical safety and Security tours of each property

  • Review of incident reports and other forsee-ability issues

  • Property manual review and preparation 

  • Review of property Security Procedures and Eqipment 

  • Management and Employee Safety and Security training 

  • In House Security Rules and Procedures 

  • OLGR and Licensing regulations and compliance for Licensed Venues 

  • Crowd Management 

  • Risk Managment